The Rxadmap To Hxll

The wrxiths praise Clauneck and only Clauneck.

Clauneck is well loved by Lucifer, and it is summoned because it has the ability to bestow wealth, either by bringing money over a great distance or by assisting in the discovery of hidden treasure.

Clauneck is the demon of wealth, known to be obedient to his summoners, but only to those who show it the proper respect.

One of the wrxiths main purposes is to present offerings to Clauneck during sacrifices. These offerings will stored in the astral bank vault until Clauneck is satisfied upon which the rewards will be granted to wrxiths for their respect and loyalty.

The Wrxiths NFT
The Wrxiths NFT

Overthrow & Rebuild

With the power of cult behind us, we have overthrown the old masters and are driving at rebuilding trust and building the community together. This phase is ever evolving as we are laying the groundwork to sustainable growth.

  • Redefine roadmap & lore.
  • Harness the cult to ensure our discord is a valuable asset for alpha.
  • Migrate project and secure all assets.
  • Create consistent branding across all platforms (social and marketplace)
  • Collaborate & network with everyone we can.
  • Build community together. Work as a cult.
  • Hire cult members to assist with project.
  • Big marketing push. Raids, giveaways, constant engagement, paid promotions, all eyes on us.

Soul Sacrifices

Our sacrifices are the offerings to the overlords. We submit our offerings and in return, are granted with rewards from the astral bank vault. Our overlords will consume the souls forever declaring them obsolete and in purgatory. We will burn supply by more than 50%.

  • Each sacrifice will consist 666 souls.
  • Offerings will be sent directly to smart contract via web app.
  • The web app will have a dashboard showing real time sacrifice stats.
  • What the astral bank vault requires:
    • 1st Sacrifice: 1 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 666 NFTs Rewarded.
    • 2nd Sacrifice: 2 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 333 NFTs Rewarded.
    • 3rd Sacrifice: 3 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 222 NFTs Rewarded.
    • 4th Sacrifice: 6 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 111 NFTs Rewarded.
  • Utility to be built into new sub-collections (TBD with WRXITH DAO).
  • The NFTs rewarded will be new sub-collections based off of the traits most burned.
  • Leverage the Solana 1/1 community and/or collab with other collections for unique artwork.
The Wrxiths NFT
The Wrxiths NFT


The cult provides. We aim to seek revenue generating opportunities with our capital. We work together to achieve the same goal.

  • Seek out revenue generating NFTs and protocols within the crypto space for investment.
  • Yield generated may be used to sweep floors of WRXITHS and other projects.
  • Create roles and staff users within Discord for WL hunters to find valuable whitelists for our DAO members.
  • WRXITH DAO members may benefit from surprise airdrops, giveaways, etc. Snapshots will be taken randomly to qualify for these benefits.
  • Host and contribute prizes to open-source/for profit project hackathons.
  • Sponsor cult members projects with builder resources/seed capital.

Staking and Utility

We are DeFi degens. This will be an ever evolving section. We strive to provide maximum value to our holders through utility in both our NFT collections and utility token.

  • Provide staking as a way to lock supply and for holders to accrue value.
  • Create deflationary WRXITHS $HELL token. (Tokenomics TBD)
  • Direct portion of royalties from NFT collections to burn $HELL.
  • Use $HELL for raffles, merchandise, etc.
The Wrxiths NFT
The Wrxiths NFT

Quality of Life Bots & Tools

We're always building and we will share our tooling with the WRXITH DAO & Solana community.

  • Create and leverage partnerships and integrations with other projects to benefit the Solana ecosystem.
  • Build a plethora of tools for discord. Wallet watchers, alpha leaks, real time volume alerts, LMNFT candy machine scraper.
  • Build a plethora of tools on gated by WRXITH NFT. Ecosystem analytics, volume tracking, etc.